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Ewaymax is a manufacturers of industrial scale. Trusted and best weighing Scale suppliers in India. We manufacture and supply best and a wide range of scale for industrial, commercial, grocery, retail, research, and laboratory applications including software, printers, and accessories. Since Ewaymax designs and fabricates all of the sub-assemblies that make a scale, we can apply our expertise to nearly any situation requiring weighing. We do have strong hold in this industry since many years and we are trusted and best weighing Scale suppliers in delhi, kerala, India.

we sell and service scale ranging from portable pocket scale to counting and portioning scale, bench scale, industrial floor scale, in-motion checkweighers, on-board, weighing systems, crane scale, floor scale, mixing and portioning scale, and sophisticated weighing systems for motor homes, trucks, and railcars. Beyond offering high quality sales and service, our real added-value results from our vast knowledge and experience. We can often recommend more productive and cost-effective weighing and measuring solutions.

We pride ourselves on bringing our customers the latest technology, superior quality, and the utmost value. Our scale feature many extras that can only be found on competitive scale costing three to five times as much. And we ship factory direct, which eliminates any dealer mark ups. We are also very much active on all social media platforms. You can also contact us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter